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speaker photo: Dr. Cynthia McInnis

Dr. Cynthia McInnis

First Lady and Executive Administrator of Full Effect Churches
Bishop Archie L. McInnis, II, Pastor & Founder
Effecting Change, Through Faith

Dr. Cynthia McInnis is the wife of the Bishop Archie L. McInnis, II, Associate Pastor and the Executive Church Administrator of all Full Effect Gospel Ministries locations, where they are effecting change through faith.

Cynthia’s Christian experience is referenced back to her childhood, having accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ, into her life at age twelve. She was committed and dedicated to the cause of Christ for most of her life. She served dutifully in her local ministry and grew to assist her pastor directly, attending and teaching Bible classes throughout her lifetime.

As a young adult into adulthood, Cynthia served closely with the leadership of her church. She is an ordained Elder, Associate Pastor and has provided pastoral assistance at the side of her pastor for the twenty years. Cynthia is an exemplary ministry leader in her church.


College-Level Bible Instruction – Full Effect Gospel Ministries, A.L.M Bible Institute – where she taught Evangelism, Homiletics, Soteriology, Pneumatology and developed syllabi and overall course structure, and administered all grades.

She is responsible for general and specified Biblical training of all clergy and ministry leaders and presently serves on the oversight committee of the entire Ministerial staff.

She holds several secular academic degrees; all of which were presented Cum Laude including a Masters in Education. On June 21, 2013 The International Seminary of California – NY Chapter conferred upon her the distinguished degree, Doctor of Divinity, as witnessed and celebrated by her pastor and church membership.

1996: What is Thy Request? Getting an Answer to Prayer
A revelatory overview of the book of Esther
1997: The Church on Hollywood Boulevard
A challenge to contrast mere church membership with true discipleship
1998: Holler if it Hurts, But Don’t You Quit
A character description and revelatory overview of Jacob’s Ford Jabbok experience 2011: Ice on the Surface
A fiction mystery/suspense novel
2016: The Wealth of Salvation
Re-presenting the Christ of Salvation
2018: Redirection
Changing Perceptions for Better Outcomes

Dr. McInnis is a naturally funny and caring woman of God whose personality embraces her listeners. She is a wife and mother of three. She is a playwright, lead vocalist, literary editor, poetess, preacher, teacher, administrator and example to women around the world. She is completely sold out to the Lord and to the work of His hands. Her motto is simply, “I am right where I need to be; and when I learn what I need to learn then I’ll go where I need to go.”