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Prophet Andre Cook

Overseer André Cook exemplifies Acts 17:6, “…these that have turned the world upside down are come hither also…” André Cook is a man with a God ordained vision. This seasoned servant of God flows apostolically while operating fully in the grace gift of prophecy. He travels the length and breadth of this nation, teaching the unadulterated Word of God, with power and authority.

He has developed an affinity for the next generation of young believers and has answered their spiritual needs by creating the SWAG Academy, whose focus is to interface with Gen Y where they know him as “The Rev”. Through the Academy, Rev Cook will interface electronically; use social networking sites and host youth oriented events to bring a cutting edge message to the church.

His prophetic articulation encompasses an astounding “word of knowledge manifestation”. Years of intercessory prayer have honed his ability to “hear from God” clearly. He is confident that these two components will save this generation and generations to come.

Humbly operating in “The Gifts of the Spirit,” Overseer André Cook is equipping an entire army of end time warriors for kingdom advancement. His Ministers In Training (“MIT’S”, as they are affectionately called) are replicating his powerful voice and ministerial attributes.

He has been charged by God to create the “MOJO Movement”, where his motivational messages speak to the motivat-ing joy only the Holy Spirit can bring. People are beginning to attest to having gotten their MOJO back! Lately his focus has become “Living the Kingdom Life Intentionally.

His fundamental mandate is to do the work of ministry and win the lost for Jesus Christ. He is the founder of several ministries; some of which are: André Cook Ministries, Inc., Kingdom Life Church International, Inc. of Newburgh, NY, The Life Chapel West of Hollis NY, Kingdom Life Church of Stamford CT, and The Life Chapel East of Middle Island, NY. He is the founder and Overseer of the Kingdom Life Fellowship of Churches, where he offers support and covering to ministries. Most recently, He has answered the call to the episcopacy where he is now Bishop-Designate, under the auspices of his grace Bishop Christopher T. Cox, prelate of the Rephidim Pastoral Assembly.

Overseer Cook holds an Honorary Doctorate degree in Theology, recognized for his mastery of the “word” by his col-leagues, he exegetes and expounds upon his vast knowledge of the word in the ACM School of Ministry, where the next level of ministers are being trained.

Believers from all nationalities testify of their life-changing encounter with this anointed vessel. He expounds on the Word of God with such clarity that hearers readily accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.